Tourists baffled after seeing ‘Husky’ barking in a wolf enclosure at Chinese zoo

Tourists were left baffled when they noticed a "dog" barking inside a wolf enclosure – and later were told it was actually a wolf.

Visitors at Qimeng Zoo in north-west China's Shaanxi province were convinced that the staff were trying to pass off a Husky as a wolf.

Video taken Ms Yan, who went with her family on April 27, shows the grey and white-haired animal walking in the enclosure and barking at her children.

She can be heard raising her voice: "Isn't this a wolf? Why is it barking like a dog?"

The mum-of-one pans the camera to a sign. It reads: "Steppe Wolf."

Ms Yan told local media: "I took my child to see the wolf and he saw the animal and told me 'See, mum. It's a dog. Ruff Ruff!'

"And I told him 'No it's not a dog, it's a wolf' and showed him the sign.

"But as soon as I said 'dog', the wolf just barked! I was so confused."

A member of the staff from Qimeng Zoo confirmed the animal is a wolf and not a Husky.

"We have moved the wolf from the enclosure to avoid any further confusion from the visitors.

"If you asked me why did the wolf made a barking sound, I have no absolutely no idea."

The clip stirred a debate on Chinese social media as desperate viewers tried to find out if it could be a Husky.

One said: "The colour of the fur is exactly like a husky. The zoo is taking it away because they know it's a dog!"

Another wrote: "Anyone seen a wolf wagging its tail? I haven't!"

But some eagle-eyed viewers said there are tell-tale signs to prove it's a wolf.

"Look at its tail, it is straight and it won't go up like dogs." a man commented. "It's a wolf for sure."

A second chimed in: "The teeth is definitely sharper. It can't be a Husky."

The confusion came after a Chinese zoo trying to pass off a golden retriever as a lion last month.

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