The Queen used to play ‘spitting game’ with Princess Margaret at Frogmore lake

The Queen took part in a "spitting competition" with her sister Princess Margaret at Frogmore Cottage, a new book has claimed.

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret are said to have taken part in a spitting content in the winter of 1943.

The extraordinary claim was made by Alathea Fitzalan Howard, a childhood friend of the young royals, in her diaries, which are due to be published.

Ms Howard writes about fond bike rides in the diaries, after which she said would be followed by "spitting competitions in the lake at Frogmore!"

She said Princess Margaret was "quite unmanageable" as a child and "in some ways she is so very young and childish."

The Queen’s sister was also reportedly "unlike" Elizabeth then, and people around her "couldn’t help laughing at her."

In another entry, Ms Howard said: "PE. was in London today.

"It is sad, her life is becoming so less and less her own."

Ms Howard is referring to Princess Elizabeth in this entry, who became Queen at the very young age of 27.

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The Frogmore Estate or Gardens comprise 33 acres of private gardens within the Home Park, adjoining Windsor Castle, in the English county of Berkshire.

Frogmore Cottage is the UK base of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who moved to the United States after stepping down as senior Royals in January 2020.

The pair came under fire for spending £2m on renovations before Meghan and Harry jumped ship and were set to repay the cost at £18,000 a month.

Meghan and Harry repaid the cost of the renovations to the British taxpayer in August after landing a multi-million dollar Netflix deal.

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