The most evil couples in history from S&M fetish killers to mum-murdering teens

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Murderers and robbers on the run – the love story of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow has been turned into a musical in London’s West End.

The pair are legendary for their crime spree across 1930s America and intense romance which saw them bump off anyone who got in their way.

But they are not the only lovebirds whose affection had deadly consequences for others.

Here, Kim Carr looks at Bonnie and Clyde and other killer couples…

Bonnie and Clyde

By the age of 19, Bonnie Parker was cracking safes and stealing from stores before she met and fell in love at first sight with 20-year-old Clyde Barrow.

He had been a criminal long before the pair met through a mutual friend in Texas in January 1930. After 20 months in prison – during which Bonnie helped him escape with a weapon she smuggled in for him – the pair went on a crime spree lasting 21 months.

Often working with other members of the Barrow Gang, they robbed banks, gas stations, stores and restaurants although their take was always less than a couple of thousand dollars.

While escaping several shootouts with cops, the outlaws killed at least nine police officers and four civilians along the way.

They were eventually betrayed by a friend, ambushed and shot dead by police in Louisiana in 1934.

It’s now thought love spurred Bonnie on to join Clyde while the couple’s exploits were glamorised in a country suffering the Great Depression. Their story was made into a 1967 film starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.

The Twilight Killers

Brits Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham were only 14 when they murdered her mum Elizabeth and 13-year-old sister Katie by stabbing them with kitchen knives.

The pair then had sex and watched vampire flick Twilight while the bodies bled out upstairs from them in Edwards’ family home in Spalding, Lincs.

They were reported absent from their school and when police went to the house the following day and broke in they found them both lying under a duvet.

Edwards later said: “Neither of us felt that bad about it.” The couple were convicted of the two murders in November 2016 at Nottingham Crown Court and jailed for 17-and-a-half years in custody, with anonymity refused

Edwards’ jealousy over the relationship between her mum and sister was pinned down as the motive.

Fred and Rose West

During the late sixties and early seventies, the Gloucester home belonging to the Wests became a house of horrors as they buried bodies in their garden.

More than 12 victims including his teenager stepdaughter Charmaine died at the hands of the pair, who also raped at least 10 girls and women.

They were caught in 1992 when Fred was arrested for raping his 13-year-old daughter.

Their 16-year-old other daughter Heather was one of the bodies police found. Rose West was jailed for life while Fred hanged himself in his cell before the 1995 trial.

The Lonely Hearts Killers

Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck were scammers who tricked their victims in 1940s America.

Obsessed the occult, Fernandez believed he could use voodoo to control women. He took out newspaper ads to woo females and Beck fell for him after she answered one. She ditched her children to join him and soon the scams turned into murder.

They were arrested after killing a young widow and her child and branded The Lonely Hearts Killers. They were convicted of one murder but were known to have committed at least two more, with the real figure thought to be around 20. They were both executed by electric chair in 1951, with Beck pronouncing her love for Fernandez until the end.

The Ken and Barbie Killers

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka were S&M fantasists who raped and murdered at least three women including her 15-year-old sister Tammy.

Known as The Ken and Barbie Killers due to their good looks, the Canadian couple drugged girls before sexually assaulting them then brutally ending their lives.

The couple were caught in 1993 and Homolka secured a plea bargain which saw her serve just 12 years for the manslaughter of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French. She was never charged with sexual assault and claimed she had been an unwilling accomplice to the murders.

But video later emerged showing she had participated in the sexual assaults and murders, including that of her sister.

She was released from prison in 2005. Bernardo was jailed for life.

The Moors Murderers

Evil couple Ian Brady and Myra Hindley murdered five children aged between 10 and 17 during the 1960s in and around Manchester in what became known as the Moors Murders.

He would sexually assault them and then the pair would commit the murder together.

Pauline Reade, 16, John Kilbride, 12, Keith Bennett, 12, Lesley Ann Downey, 10, and Edward Evans, 17, all perished.

At least three of the bodies were buried on Saddleworth Moor. But when Hindley’s brother-inlaw David Smith happened to witness the murder of Evans, he went to the police.

Detectives soon discovered a chilling tape of Downey pleading for her life – and the voice of Hindley in the background.

In 1966, Brady, 28, was convicted of three murders and Hindley, 23, of two with both given life sentences. Hindley died in prison, aged 60, in 2002 and Brady died in 2017 aged 79.

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