Teen declares ‘game time’ in Snapchat selfie before knifing neighbour in heart

A baby-faced killer filmed a chilling Snapchat video of himself goading his neighbour moments before stabbing him to death.

Jack McBride was locked in a feud with victim, Johnny Winters, who he stabbed in the heart during a confrontation in the street in Johnstone, Renfrewshire on April 1, 2020.

McBride, who was 17 at the time of the attack, was found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to six years and eight months at the High Court in Edinburgh today.

The social media blitz started with a screenshot of a message McBride sent Winters, 26, confronting him over their feud.

McBride then went to Winters’ home in Johnstone and live streamed himself goading him to come out of his flat in the High Street, the court was told.

When Winters agreed to come down McBride then shared a selfie and bragged it was "game time" moments before the fatal stabbing.

Winters arrived in the street armed with a hatchet and struck McBride with the blunt side of it.

McBride then stabbed him through the heart with a kitchen knife and ran off.

The killing occurred less than a month after Winters had appeared in court charged with possessing a knife and ­threatening violence.

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He and McBride were locked in a feud amid claims Winters had torched the door of McBride’s home.

McBride sent Winters a ­Facebook message challenging him.

He wrote: “See ur burd Natasha tell her to wind her neck in chanting she knows ma sister as if she’s gonna do stn cause she’s ur bird fs she’ll do ntn neither will u.”

McBride also called his ­ex-girlfriend and said: “You think I cannot kill someone. You think my bark is bigger than my bite.

“Johnny Winters thinks he is a name. I will be a name.”

In the video before the killing, McBride appears to refer to the fire attack, then reveals he headed to Winters’ home and said if he didn't answer the door he'd shout up to the window.

In the footage of their confrontation before the stabbing McBride shouts to his victim "Johnny, come down".

Victim Winters can be heard replying: "Who is that?"

McBride then shouts back: "It's Jack McBride come down.

Winters responds: "Come up" and is told "come down, come down the alleyway", by McBride.

Prosecutor Neil McCulloch told a court: “McBride can be seen in the recording shouting up at the window demanding he come out.”

The video ends with the "game time" selfie.

Winters’ friend Adam Gallagher told the court how he saw the pair 'squaring up' to each other.

He said he was trying to get Jack to go back to his house, and trying to get him to see sense.

Gallagher added that he saw material coming out of the inside of Johnny's jacket and asked if he'd been stabbed.

“He said, ‘No’, then his face changed, he went all weird…and that was that,” said Adam.

“He collapsed and I caught him. I was talking to him, trying to stop the blood. He was staring at the sky.”

Jack McBride was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh today and detained for six years and eight months.

McBride had gone on trial at the High Court in Glasgow for murder but the inmate at YOI Polmont decided to plead guilty to a charge of culpable homicide.

Sentencing was deferred to the High Court in Edinburgh and Judge Lady Haldane told McBride that she had no other option but to detain him in custody.

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