Surgeon hounded out of job by colleagues after removing item in patients anus

A specialist who was called in to remove a large “missile-shaped” object from a man’s rectum says she was hounded out of her job by colleagues who “sexualised” the operation.

American colorectal surgeon Deborah Keller says she was called in several times to help doctors extract the foreign object from the man’s anus in February 2020.

But the following day, says Keller, she was placed on administrative leave by hospital administrators.

The 41-year old specialist says she was accused of having an affair with Mark Kiely, the male surgeon in charge of the patient’s care, and that in a meeting about the February procedure administrators repeatedly “sexualised” the object as a “dildo”.

In a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit, Keller says that bosses at the New York Presbyterian Hospital grilled her on her sex life and violated the man’s privacy by publicly sharing an image of the object.

She described her treatment by hospital bosses as “demeaning and embarrassing”.

“They kept using inappropriate terms for the [object],” she told the New York Post. “It was just getting contentious and questions that just didn’t have anything to do with the practice of medicine or patient care or colorectal surgery, making what I do seem like a joke”.

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She added that doctors still “don’t really know” what the “massive” missile-shaped item really was.

According to Keller’s lawsuit, she was targeted because she was the only woman doctor involved in the case.

She believes that she lost her job because she had made several complaints of gender discrimination against her boss, New York Presbyterian Chief of Colorectal Surgery Pokala Ravi Kiran.

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She said that Kiran carried out a campaign of “relentless sexism,” sabotaging her achievements and making inappropriate comments about her body.

Even before the “dildo” incident Keller had been told the hospital that her contract wasn’t going to be renewed but, she alleges, false reports about the procedure were filed with America’s National Practitioner Data Bank, making it very hard to find a new job because of the “black mark” on her reputation.

“They are literally trying to ruin my career,” she said.

Representatives of New York Presbyterian have declined to comment on the case.

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