Snow, ice and floods to hit Britain as Met Office issues warnings

Britain is facing an onslaught of snow, ice, heavy rain and flooding as subzero temperatures grip the nation this week.

The Met Office has issued a flurry of yellow weather warnings as the UK faces another few days of weather misery.

The recent storms which left huge swatches of the country trapped in floodwater are now set to be followed by further poor conditions.

The second highest tides of the year is first to come today, meaning some “tidal flooding” could be possible in coastal areas.

Snow and ice will then follow next, with the Met Office issuing warnings for this on Wednesday and Thursday in northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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The likes of York, Carlisle and Newcastle will be in the firing line when rain sweeping the country falls as snow from Wednesday evening into Thursday morning.

The snow and rain will lead to wet surfaces turning icy overnight as temperatures plummet below 0C.

In its warning, the Met Office said: “Showers are expected across the northwest of the UK from Wednesday evening onwards, these falling as sleet and snow even to low levels at times away from exposed coasts.

“Some accumulations of snow are expected, mostly above around 150 m where more than 2 cm is likely in places.

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“In addition an area of rain will move across parts of southern Scotland and northern England on Wednesday evening, again with some snow possible but this mostly above 200m.

“Surfaces will remain wet from this rain and the showers with icy stretches expected to form.”

Into the weekend, weather forecast maps show a band of rain will sweep the entire country on Sunday to deliver yet another weekend washout.

And the Met Office’s forecast, looking ahead into next week, also looks bleak for the north, although the south could finally start to get a taste of spring.

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“It will start unsettled and windy,” its forecast reads.

“Although rain may be slow to clear from southern and southeastern parts on Sunday, brighter showery conditions should spread across most areas.

“The showers probably turning wintry on high ground and perhaps to low levels in the far north into Monday.

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“Through early next week there should be a change to more settled, drier and often brighter conditions than of late, particularly across southern and central areas.

“More changeable, windier conditions may persist across the northwest, whilst later in the period, these more changeable conditions may extend further south again.

“After a rather cold start, temperatures will probably recover to near normal or mild next week, with some pleasantly warm days possible despite some widespread overnight frosts.”

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