Skin-crawling moment millions of mosquitoes form tornadoes and turn sky black

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Terrifying footage has captured “tornadoes” of swarming mosquitoes turning the sky black.

Millions of swarming insects were spotting rampaging across the eastern coast of Kamchatka in Russia on July 17.

The video shows someone trying to drive down a road but their vision is next-to-nothing due to the huge plague.

The sky starts turning black, such is the sheer volume of mosquitoes in the area.

In the distance, a fast-moving swirling pillar can be seen much like a tornado.

Alexei was one of those to witness the chilling phenomenon.

“I drove through the cloud of these mosquitoes for several hundred metres,” he explained.

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“It wasn’t a pleasant experience as I could hardly see the road.

“I didn’t dare open my windows.

“Giant pillars of mosquitoes were visible everywhere I looked.

“I could see some of them breaking apart only to get back together into a new tornado.”

But experts have said there is nothing to worry about, with the swarm being a mating phenomenon.

“These are male mosquitoes swarming around one of several females in order to mate – there is nothing wrong with this,” said entomologist Lyudmila Lobkova.

The swarming males mosquitoes “do not attack humans”, she added.

With hot weather continuing across the UK this week, mosquitos are likely to be more visible.

This is because the bloodsucking insects are most active in temperatures above 26C.

Under these conditions, mosquitoes are more likely to bite, feed and breed. They are also more likely to transmit diseases in a hot, humid climate.

It comes after footage emerged of thousands of bees swarming a BMW and refusing to budge.

Even when a beekeeper showed up, the insects remained stuck to the back of the black vehicle.

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