Singer who was filmed receiving oral sex on stage is mobbed by fans in street

A controversial singer who had oral sex performed on her on stage has been mobbed in the street by fans.

MC Pipokinha, real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, caused havoc in the streets as she boomed tunes from a speaker and entertained fans.

Taking to Instagram, the Brazilian posted stories showing her in the middle of swarming crowds having a knees-up in the street.

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Hectic clips show the musician with phones thrust in her face as she engaged with her adoring fans.

In earlier clips, she walks with her mates before moving into a small gathering on the street where a circle gathers around what appears to be a pile of clothes on the floor.

From there things escalate dramatically, as people join the throng.

By the time things reach their climax, hundreds of heads bob in a sea of people, only masts of phone-holding arms breaking the surface of the swell.

At one point fans, phones raised high to record the seemingly-spontaneous moment, sing along together in a wild street party.

The crowd, some wearing masks, then appears to move somewhere together, a slow-moving mass like lava along the street.

In the chaos, she takes time to crouch down and speak with a child before taking to a podium in front of the baying crowd.

She laughs and looks flattered and flustered in equal measure as the masses chant her name.

With a countdown she gets the party started, holding up a speaker and dancing to the music, much to the fans’ delight.

The star also recently made headlines after a raunchy performance that saw her get licked on stage by her backing dancers after pouring liquid into their mouths from a height.

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