Sick mum ate her childs liver while singing nursery rhymes after stabbing her

A deranged mum is said to have eaten the liver of her daughter while singing nursery rhymes after stabbing the youngster in a grim attack.

Olivia Naserian, 24, from Kitengela, Kenya, is believed to have murdered her daughter and chillingly recited the alphabet with a children's song while she did.

The grim killing has seen Naserian accused of butchering Glory Njeri, her two-year-old daughter, and subsequently eating parts of her internal organs and dismembering the body.

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Witnesses have since recalled the horrific attack, with the 24-year-old accused of stabbing Glory multiple times while singing a variety of hymns and children's songs.

Neighbours at the Milimani Estate are said to have watched on as the grisly attack continued, with Naserian allegedly eating her daughter's internal organs.

Authorities were quickly alerted after hearing the piercing screams from Glory, with some believing the pair had initially been attacked by criminals, The Sun reported.

Those same neighbours who reported the screaming soon plucked up the courage to investigate what was happening, and are said to have found the mum singing while brutally attacking her daughter.

They then attempted to break down the door in an effort to save the youngster, but by the time they entered the property, the two-year-old was dead.

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Naserian was arrested by police on suspicion of murder, with a neighbour since commenting on the horrifying scene, while Glory's body was rushed to Kitengela Hospital morgue.

They said: "The woman ate her baby's liver as we watched. She also removed other internal organs such as intestines and heart from the body before becoming unconscious."

Naserian's aunt, Gladys Wanjiku, said: "Something is very wrong. We were not here, but the reports we are getting from our neighbours is that Naserian started talking in tongues and chasing after the only dog at home hours before descending on her child."

Investigators are currently attempting to determine whether the mum had mental health problems in the lead up to the attack which left her daughter disfigured and dead.

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