Siblings put on porch concert for elderly neighbour in COVID-19 isolation

In these trying times during the novel coronavirus outbreak, a little bit of music goes a long way.

As many around the world self-isolate to protect themselves and others against COVID-19 transmission, two Ohio siblings took to an elderly neighbour’s porch to bring her the gift of song.

Taran Tien, 9, and his sister, Calliope, 6, broke out their cellos and headed to neighbour Helena Schlam’s home after finding out she was in self-isolation, CNN reports.

The neighbourhood kids dressed to the nines, wearing a suit and dress for their important performance on Monday.

Schlam didn’t need any groceries or essentials, but she seemingly couldn’t say no to a live concert.

The woman sat a safe distance away as the youngsters filled her porch with classical music, a favourite of hers, the publication says.

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