Seller fighting off offers for gold fertility tower covered in gold penises

A rare fertility tower possessed by aliens has gone on sale on Facebook Marketplace, and the seller claims he has been “inundated” by interested buyers.

Labelled as a “unique one off rare fertility tower of power draws”, the golden obelisk-like tower is on sale in Redcar for £100.

Seller Kamilo Black claims that the item – which has skulls for draw handles and something very penis-like at the top – was designed by an unknown artist and was “possessed by a powerful alien”.

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He wrote: “(The alien was) researching earth artists and lived and worked out of 1940s Idaho, but they time travelled through the astral planes to possess certain individuals in North Yorkshire circa 2017.

“This is because of the lay lines and dragon paths that run through these lands, and apparently the alien really enjoyed Parmo's and brash Northern women.

“The alien possessed numerous individuals during this short period and produced some very underrated art pieces and furniture designs, that possess, as some say, magical powers that endow those in possession of them insight into realms of infinite knowledge and wisdom, some also say these pieces bring great fortune and luck into the home castles and sex clubs of those in possession of them.”

However, there is more to the strange object than meets the eye.

Speaking to Teeside Live, Black claims to be the artist behind the sculpture – and he is definitely not an alien.

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Having made it using recycled pieces of furniture and other bits, he is hoping that the sale of it will make people laugh.

He said: “I made for a bit of fun, it was a friend's unused and unloved set of drawers.

“I just added a bit of magic to it – I made it over a year ago, and it was sat in my man shed.

“Sadly, there have been no takes quite yet but I'd like it find someone who might appreciate it. “Reading many of the comments made me laugh – I was really surprised at how many clicks and comments it had.

“All good fun in dark times."

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