Scientists ‘discover Noah’s floodwater at bottom of deepest hole in the world’

A group of Russian scientists got a shock when they thought they discovered water from Noah's great flood at the bottom of the world's deepest hole.

On May 24, 1970, on the Soviet Union project known as the ‘Kola Superdeep Borehole’ began and over the intervening years workers eventually reached 12,200 metres deep.

A group of scientists working on the hole encountered water where there was supposed to be a thick layer of crust, "disproving the myth that the earth is made up of dry, rocky layers".

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A video exposing the so-called Kola conspiracy says that the established view of the Earth's makeup – crust, mantle and core – was proved wrong by the geological dig.

Scientists were shocked to discover that instead of solid, dry, dense rock massive amounts of water were found.

The video's publishers, Plano Existential, claim this proves the Biblical event of Noah's flood is a reality – and that the flood waters drained to this subterrannean sinkhole.

The Biblical story of Noah’s flood has troubled theologians for centuries and not least among the questions was ‘what happened to the waters which flooded the Earth’.

Now some Christians believe the discovery of water so far below ground explains and gives credence to the iconic flood story.

The narrator said: "Nobody has drilled into the mantle or crust so there's no observations as to what's under the crust.

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"I would like you to question what we've been told.

"The back up the account of a great flood. Genesis refers to 'all the fountains of the great deep'.

"Rock shouldn't be porous but there's water there, supporting the claim that there was a great flood covering the entire earth."

A noise branded the “sounds of hell” was claimed to have been recorded from the hole.

The 17-second memo was recorded by scientists using several heat-resistant microphones that they lowered into the hole.

The terrifying wailing noise left many comparing it to something supernatural happening digging to the deepest artificial point on Earth.

But, thankfully, there is no hell waiting deep below us as mythbusters proved the noise fake, the Mirror reports.

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