Sarah Ferguson’s nine-word message to King Charles after Coronation invite snub

Sarah Ferguson has broken her silence and sent a message to King Charles III after she was snubbed of a Coronation invite.

The Duchess of York did not receive an invitation to the historic service but has since sent her best wishes to King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Ferguson, the former wife of disgraced Royal Family alumni Prince Andrew, did not attend the event yesterday but has since tweeted out her well-wishes.

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The Duchess had only attended a few royal events after divorcing from Prince Andrew in 1996, with Fergie last spotted in an official capacity at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Tweeting her well wishes to Charles and Camilla though, the Duchess wrote: "Sincerest congratulations to Their Majesties, the King and Queen."

The Duchess of York was not the only royal member absent from the Coronation proceedings, with young Prince Louis vanishing part way through the service.

Prince William and Princess Kate's son was seen a handful of times in the stands at Westminster Abbey but a later part of the event saw he had disappeared entirely, The Daily Star reported.

It would appear the young royal had been "retired" from service before appearing on the balcony later, whereas some members of the Royal Family did not attend at all.

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Meghan Markle was a notable absence from the service, with the Duchess declaring she had no intention of attending the event some weeks ago.

The Daily Star previously reported Meghan's snub of the Coronation could be due to backlash continually received over an episode of South Park which lampooned the Sussex duo.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone's long-running televisions how had portrayed a likeness of the pair as being on a "privacy tour".

Expert Neil Sean said of the comparison: "For Meghan it was a real hitbox, not only did they have imagery that looks exactly like them but it poked fun at everything they tried to put together and stood for."

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