Sainsbury’s security guard ‘punches’ boy as he pleads ‘I didn’t do anything’

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A shocking video has emerged appearing to show a Sainsbury's security guard punching a young boy during a heated argument in a London store.

The supermarket has launched an urgent investigation after a witness reported the incident and claimed the security guards had wrongly accused two young schoolboys of stealing in the Elephant and Castle branch.

Video taken by Juanita Phillips, who was about to pay for her items by the self-checkout tills, shows one man in high-vis jacket arguing with a young boy by the entrance.

A Sainsbury's staff intervenes and calms down his colleague while the boy yells: "What's that for? What's that for?"

The guard then moves on to another boy, who tells him: "I didn't do anything!"

But the man quickly throws a punch at his face, knocking him backwards.

Juanita shouts at the guard and confronts him, saying: "Oh my God, what are you doing? You don't punch someone's child!"

And the guard replied: "I punch him? It's all on camera, so then he punched me first. He is stealing. Are you with them? Why are you helping them to steal?"

Juanita shared the video on Instagram on Wednesday and wrote: "Please, everyone, share this video, I want it go viral, I want that security guard to be sacked.

"I was pushed and also accused of stealing because I helped the two young black boys and I was the only other person of colour to step in and help them.

"They were wrongly accused of stealing when all they were doing was getting their bikes and therefore they were stopped and harassed so one boy pushed the security guard off him, then he was assaulted multiple times."

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Viewers praised Juanita for standing up for the boys and criticised the security guard's behaviour.

"Grateful you were there to capture and to stop it getting worse because you know what would have happened if police turned up," one wrote.

A second said: "Disgusting behaviour from the security man. Sainsbury's need to see that he is out of that job of security!"

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told Daily Star: "We are urgently investigating this incident."

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