Russians flee the country following mad Putin’s chilling conscription address

Russians are reportedly trying to flee their homeland following Vladimir Putin’s announcement of "mobilisation" and "partial conscription".

Wednesday’s (September 21) announcement comes amid reports from the Moscow Times that there has been a spike in the number of people trying to buy tickets to the likes of Istanbul.

A leading Ukrainian politician has even claimed flights to some of the few destinations still available to Russians had now sold out.

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Shortly after the end of Putin’s announcement, Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik posted a tweet reporting the sale of the tickets.

She said: “Right after Putin's address, Russians bought out all the plane tickets to Istanbul and Yerevan [the capital of Armenia].”

Ms Rudik added, however, the sale of the tickets could be a warning sign for Russian authorities – claiming they could be a signal of growing frustration and discontent inside the country.

She said: “You asked what it would take for Russians to rebel. Well, mobilisation is. I'm sure we will see street protests soon.”

Ms Rudik’s claims do appear to carry some weight, with no flights available on Sky Scanner from Moscow to Istanbul until at least March 2023.

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Putin has claimed “only citizens who are currently in the reserve and, above all, those who served in the Armed Forces, have certain military specialities and relevant experience, will be subject to conscription”.

However, this hasn’t stopped many from looking for a way out of the country.

According to theMoscow Times, many Russian men have already flown abroad to the likes of Turkey to avoid the possibility of conscription.

Many are understood to have refused to speak to the publication for fear of drawing attention to themselves, forced to wait out there until their 27th birthday when the threat of conscription is understood to diminish substantially.

However, with the announcement of Russian mobilisation, it is understood this age could now increase.

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