Russian uprising: Protesters go on violent spree as country teeters on brink of revolt

Russia: Smokes billows from the Nova Kakhovka base

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The Kremlin is still reeling from the assassination of Darya Dugina, the daughter of a close ally to the Russian president. Dugina was killed in a car bomb last Saturday on the outskirts of Russia’s capital city, Moscow. A hitherto unknown group of Russian partisans calling themselves the National Republican Army claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

Their terror act appears to have inspired anti-Putin protesters to carry out their own violent attacks against the ruling elite.

During the past week, a series of arson attacks have targeted the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, as well as an administrative building in Oryol region.

In the first instance a BMW X6 belonging to Yevgeny Secretaryev was set on fire by a woman.

Mr Secretaryev works in the 8th Directorate of the Russian General Staff, which is responsible for media censorship regarding the military.

At the time of the attack, his car was parked in the yard of a house on Moscow’s Leningradsky Highway.

A female anti-war protester approached the vehicle and poured petrol over its boot and then set it on fire

The car was engulfed in a ball of flames and sustained serious damage to its rear end.

The woman was later arrested by police, telling officers she acted as she did because she was against Putin’s “special military operation”.

The second attack took place in the western Russian town of Oryol and was captured by CCTV cameras.

Images show a young man approaching the central administrative building for Oryol province on a bike.

He proceeds to throw two Molotov cocktails at the front doors of the building, which were open at the time.

The first fails to ignite, but the second one starts a small fire that was quickly put out by the administration staff.

One person was reported injured as a result of the attack and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Local police are currently trying to find the culprit, who remains at large.

Molotov cocktail attacks have proven to be a ket weapon in the arsenal of anti-war protesters.

A series of army recruitment centres have been fire bombed, as young men seek to avoid the draft.

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Daniil Chebykin, a leading anti-Putin critic and campaigner, said the attacks were borne of desperation.

He told “I don’t condone it, but I understand why they might resort to such measures – it’s desperation that leads them to do such things.

“They don’t see any other alternative. There is covert mobilisation even of conscripts.

“It’s not publicly announced but people are being called up and sent to Ukraine – it’s mostly young people.”

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