Russian ‘prisoner instructions’ tells own troops to kill themselves with grenade

Russian soldiers facing potential capture in Ukraine are being told to blow themselves up with a grenade when Ukrainian soldiers come near them.

The grim finding was posted on Twitter by anonymous – but often accurate – war Twitter account Def Mon.

He posted an image of a label found inside the uniform of a Russian soldier who had just blown himself up on the battlefield.

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A video shows him shooting a gun, appearing to be the only one inside a long trench.

He then realises that a Ukrainian drone had seen him, and decides to take matters into his own hands.

It is not clear where or when the footage was taken, but a Ukrainian soldier who went to the site after snapped a sign stitched inside the now-dead bloke's uniform.

Via Google Translate, it reads: “Are you a prisoner?
“When the enemy is approaching, the grenade is removed and pull out the pin.

“Put a grenade under your body vest or clamp your chin.

“We will not allowed the Ukronazists to replenish the exchange fund.

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“Death is better than shame.”

One person disputed the first line, and claimed it should actually read: “How to avoid getting captured”.

The Russian speaker also claims that the “we will not allow” sentence is actually “let's not allow,” which turns it from an order to an instruction.

The shockingly horrific video of the man's final moments actually show his body in more than one piece after blowing himself up – leaving nothing for the Ukrainian forces to actually capture.

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The news of Russians blowing themselves up comes days after we reported that hundreds of potential new recruits were going for gender reassignment surgery in order to avoid fighting for Vladimir Putin's failing army.

This prompted his officials to change the rules around gender reassignment, in order to make it even heard for soldiers to flee.

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