Russian official who tried to overthrow Putin faces conscription to Ukraine war

A vocal Russian opponent of Vladimir Putin has been conscripted as part of the country’s renewed efforts in the Ukraine war.

A municipal deputy for Smolninskoe in St. Petersburg, 43-year-old Dmitry Baltrukov, had previously advocated that Putin be charged with high treason.

He had appealed for the Russian President to be removed from power, a move that had earned him a 44,000 rubles (around £671) fine for ‘discrediting’ Russia’s army.

He fell victim to the new law, designed to limit resistance to the war in Ukraine, which was put in place after a number of other deputies made similar calls for Putin’s removal.

Frustration and resistance to the war in Ukraine continue to simmer in Russia, as the country’s losses mount. According to the Kyiv Independent, over 60,400 Russian troops have now been killed – 320 of those on Sunday (October 2) alone.

Speaking toNewsweek, Mr Baltrukov said that despite having no military experience, authorities went to his mother’s house on Sunday with the summons for his call-up.

The conscription only meant to call on those with "certain military specialities and relevant experience."

Students, who are meant to be unavailable for selection, have also been reported to have received summonses.

Baltrukov said: "Yesterday, four people came to the address where I registered. My mother saw two policemen and two men in uniform, she asked who they were and what they needed.

"They said that they were from the military registration and enlistment office and that they had brought the summons to me.

Baltrukov added that he thinks they came for him on purpose and had he been there would have been looking to imprison him right away.

"Since I have no military experience, I believe that the real reason for the agenda is an attempt to get rid of me as a deputy.

"I believe that what is happening is aimed at eliminating me as a political opponent and revenge for my position on handling the charge of treason against Putin. And a categorical rejection of war."

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