Royal fans worry UFO spotted following jets at Jubilee was alien warning

Eagle-eyed royal fans were left shocked after they spotted a “ UFO flyby” during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

As the UK’s top royals and politicians gathered to watch the Royal Air Force paint the sky blue, white and red to honour the monarch’s 70th year on the throne, a small white object was caught on camera zooming alongside the jets.

Video footage from several angles, including Sky and Big Jet TV, shows the unidentified flying object streaking across the sky at blistering pace.

It sent the internet into meltdown and one person asked Twitter: “What the heck was that object in the jet stream at the Queen’s Jubilee event?”

Another avid alien-watcher added: “We got 2 angles of it at least too, and it appears to move across the trail at a 90 degree angle.

“This was a real thing that moved across the sky rapidly in broad daylight… this goes WAY too fast to be a drone or balloon in the wind. I'm inclined to say this is genuine.”

Whilst someone else claimed it was a deliberate sign from space and posted: “That seems like a warning to me. More than 70 military aircraft flew during the celebration. They’re buzzing their acrobatic jets.

“Disclosure now, they’re giving the signal, it’s time.”

It comes just weeks after space agency NASA publicly confirmed it was joining the search for alien life following a huge increase in sightings of supposed UFOs.

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The Pentagon revealed there were 140 reported cases of UFO sightings in 2004 but has since shot up to 400.

More people are taking sightings seriously as there is now less stigma when reporting alien sightings.

Even top US politicians, who have historically been secretive about extra-terrestrial sightings, now admit there might be aliens out there.

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