Rioting crowds launch objects at cops and start fire on estate after car crash

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    A crowd of around 100 people have pelted police and the ambulance services with stones and other objects at the scene of a serious car crash in Wales.

    Police with dogs have been moving the crowd back from the scene at the ongoing incident in Cardiff, where a fire dominates the middle of an estate road.

    Wales Online reported that there was a line of officers across Stanway Road in the city, with a large fire in the highway in front of them and a large number of people gathered.

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    The title also stated that there was a police helicopter hovering over the scene and what appeared to be a drone.

    Photographs from the scene shows damaged police vehicles and people heading towards the incident in their droves.

    South Wales Police have tweeted: "Emergency services remain at the scene. It is important that people avoid the area so we can effectively deal with this incident.

    "Please avoid speculation – we will bring you the latest details as soon as we can – all of our updates must be factual."

    The force had earlier tweeted: "There is now a large number of officers working to manage the collision, but also to de-escalate ongoing disorder at the scene.

    "We urge anyone involved to leave the scene immediately and ask local residents to stay away while the matter is brought to a safe conclusion."

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    People were taking rubbish, chairs and sofas towards the fire.

    One woman was heard suggesting that some of the people there take her old carpet to add to the blaze.

    People had also been pushing breeze blocks off garden walls and carrying them towards the fire and the police.

    John Urquhart, 39, a local resident, said there was "about 30 police vehicles" on the road.

    "I went home for a few minutes and then came across a police officer pushing a young kid in Wilson Road," he said.

    "It calmed down in Wilson Road – the I saw smoke was between Wilson Road and Stanway Road. The mood hasn’t been great. Because of the high police presence I think a clash was inevitable."

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