Restaurant Sauve’s in Hudson feeding those in need free of charge amid coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has restaurants closing, but Sauve’s restaurant in Hudson, Que., is welcoming those who need a meal to come and grab one free of charge.

The restaurant is a staple in the Montreal suburb and has been around since the 1960s. Andrew Dumas and his wife Sheena Purcell purchased the location in September 2019.

Out of love for the community and a desire to help those in need, the seating part of the restaurant is closed but the takeout window is staying open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel happy that we are able to help,” Dumas told Global News. “We want to ensure the families in the area are getting what they need, being a restaurant with a takeout window, we are able to serve food.”

Sauve’s has set up a plan to help people and families in need of a meal to eat free of charge without judgement.

“Amanda Walker from Royal LePage and I came up with the concept that those who do have the money to pay it forward can prepay meals for those who are going to be unemployed in the next few weeks and will need something to sustain their families,” Dumas said.

Dumas came up with a system that was easy for donors and those coming to get a meal. Donors pay for a ticket, which gets posted on the window of the restaurant and people can take one to get a meal of their choice.

“The donation works with $10 a ticket. We make up a meal that is $12, $13; Sauve’s covers the other $3, the $10 is paid by the donation and the meal is given to anybody (who takes a ticket), no questions asked,” Dumas said.

The restaurant is across the street from a seniors’ residence. Dumas has a plan in place for the residents if they are in need of food.

“Instead of them having to come out, we will have someone run food ’cause it is across the street,” says Dumas.

He says he would even walk over and ask if residents need food and then deliver it.

With over 220 meals and counting posted on the window, Dumas is happy to be able to help others in their time of need.

The offer extends to those who need food in the region, not only the residents of Hudson.

“It’s anybody — I don’t care where you’re from, you can come from anywhere. If you need five meals or one meal, come grab it without judgement. I want people to use this resource,” Dumas said.

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