Putins secret brood of children with ex-Olympic star raised in palace

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    Russian media reports Vladimir Putin's secret 'brood' of young children are living in 'luxury', whilst Ukrainians suffer from the brutal war.

    Putin's hidden life with former Olympic rhythmic gymnast, Alina Kabaeva, was uncovered this week by independent Russian media outlet Proekt ('Project', in English).

    The Russian president is alleged to have multiple children with Kabaeva, with whom he has a 30-year age gap.

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    It is unclear as to how many children the pair are raising.

    The warmonger has never acknowledged a relationship with Kabaeva, even though they are suspected to have at least two children together.

    According to Proekt, they have at least one daughter, and all the children are minors.

    An unnamed source told the outlet that the estate is the children's main residence.

    According to Proekt's report, the couple are raising their offspring in a forest palace by Lake Valdayskoye – halfway between Moscow and St Petersburg – in a purpose-built "royal residence".

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    The 13,000 square foot complex is styled "like St Petersburg", with a lavish interior.

    The property gloats a "huge spa complex with a solarium, a cryo-chamber, a 25-meter swimming pool, a hammam, a sauna, a mud room, massage baths, cosmetology and dentistry areas," according to Proekt.

    An image of Putin's study boasts ornate mahogany furniture, while another shows gilded chairs around a glass table and a spherical chandelier with golden leaves hanging from the ceiling.

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    Since its original construction, the palace has added a boat dock and a large children's playground to the property. A small karting track was set also up for the children in the summers of 2021 and 2022, Proekt reports.

    The property also has a private, guarded railway station, which Putin and Kabaeva reportedly use to travel incognito.

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    The Russian president commented that Alina's pals "talk on every corner about everything they know and don't know," believing the security leak about their palatial home came from her friendship group.

    “Putin said that he had 100 per cent information that the leak came from Kabaeva's circle of friends,” alleges General TVR – a channel on social media platform Telegram that claims to have government insiders.

    Alina is a 39-year-old retired rhythmic gymnastics star – an Olympic gold medallist considered to be one of the most decorated in her field. She later became a pro-Putin MP, and now runs Russia's National Media Group, which is fiercely loyal to the Kremlin.

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