Putin warned Wagner Group ‘dissatisfied’ as 1,500 soldiers dead

Russia: Wagner Army growing 'dissatisfied' says former mercenary

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Mr Gabidullin claimed that the Russian mercenaries were fed up with the organisation of the military group. The former mercenary explained that the Wagner army was operating with an inability to make competent decisions on the battlefield. Mr Gabidullin explained to Melissa Bell that all of the disorganisation meant more losses for the Wagner army. Putin has been reported to have lost up to 1,500 soldiers from the Wagner army so far, and this number will likely continue to rise throughout the ongoing onslaught in Ukraine due to reports that the army is lacking proper military equipment.

Mr Gabidullin told CNN: “They are dissatisfied with the overall organisation of the fighting, the inability to make competent decisions to organise battles, and of course this means losses.”

Ms Bell added: “Video shared with CNN by Ukraine’s defence ministry shows a mercenary desperately asking why there is no body armour for them.”

The Wagner militant said in the video shared by Ukraine’s defence ministry: “There are no more flag jackets, and no more helmets either.”

Ms Bell added: “Of the estimated 5,000 Wagner mercenaries sent to Ukraine 1,500 have been killed according to intelligence sources in Kyiv.”

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Putin has been scrambling to win the war in Ukraine and has been taking drastic measures in order to do so.

The Russian dictator also called for 300,000 more Russian men to join the war in Ukraine last month, and many refused, fleeing the country as soon as the announcement was made.

Putin has also conscripted Russian prisoners to join the fight.

There have been ongoing reports of Russian troops choosing to surrender to Ukrainian forces.

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Russian conscript in Belgorod region says men are in 'protest'

A Chatham House research fellow claimed that Russian soldiers were losing morale.

Ms Lutsevych told Times Radio: “They just run for their lives, and this is something that is important to understand, it also coincides with this mobilisation in Russia where clearly Russians have this footage, they understand there’s a problem on the frontline.

When asked if winter would have an effect on how the war continues over the next few months The Chatham House research fellow gave her prediction.

Ms Lutsevych added: “Well, you’re absolutely right and this is quite unusual for this high intensity of war to last for so long.

“Let’s remember, it’s been now more than seven months and we have quite huge armies deployed, both sides are getting tired.

“But of course, on the Ukrainian side, you have a constant reinforcement by those troops who are being trained.


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