Putin warned of rebellion as Russian officials expressing disgust

Russian officials ‘expressing disgust with retreat’ says expert

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Ukrainian journalist Askold Krushelnycky claimed that there has been in a turn in the tide in Russia, as the Kremlin has failed to manage the war narrative that they have been undertaking a successful invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian journalist reported self-proclaimed “Russian imperialists” are now “expressing disgust” over Russian soldiers retreating. There has been some friction in Moscow as senior politicians have called for Russian dictator Putin to resign in the past week.

Mr Krushelnycky told Times Radio: “It is a complete and profound difference from what’s happened before, where the Kremlin has been able to manage the narrative.

“Now some cracks are appearing and people who are even labelling themselves as Russian imperialists or who want the war to continue expressing disgust with their retreat.

“And there’s been pressure from some quarter, political quarters notably Saint Petersburg City Council which has publicly called on President Putin of Russia to resign.

“And apparently other local politicians have followed suit, so this is the first time such cracks have appeared and such pushback against Putin has appeared during the course of the war.

“Apart from some demonstrations right in the early days of the war.

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Russian troops have been retreating from certain regions in Ukraine, due to Ukraine’s military using major force to retake regions that have been occupied by Russian forces.

In Ukraine’s major land grab, Ukrainian forces have managed to retake up to 6,000sq km.

A region called Izyum was one of the first to be liberated by Ukraine’s forces last week.

Military experts have claimed that if Ukraine manages to hold these regions then Putin may attempt to inflict a major retaliation on Ukraine which could be in the form of the use of weapons of mass destruction.

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There have also been reports of Senior Russian officers leaving lower-ranking soldiers on the battlefield stranded.

The reports have shown that Russian soldiers have pleaded over the radio for the Generals to turn around and come back to collect them.

Many of the absconded Russian soldiers have stolen civilian clothes in order to blend in, before stealing cars and bicycles in order to make their own escape.

The frustration from Putin’s top aides has been expressed publically, as senior politicians claim that the ongoing invasion in Ukraine is causing a security risk for ordinary Russian civilians.


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“The Council of the Smolninskoye Municipal District decided to appeal to the State Duma deputies with a proposal to bring charges of treason against President Putin in order to remove him from office.”

The document added: “The decision was supported by the majority of the deputies present.”

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