‘Putin to remain president with 90% of vote – not really democracy,’ says Peskov

Russia's President Vladimir Putin's loudest spokesman has openly claimed that the despot will win the next election “with more than 90% of the vote”.

The Russian public will take to the polls on Sunday, March 17, 2024.

But the vast majority of the world had been led to believe that Putin's days were numbered because of claims made by insiders about potential coups and plots to oust him.

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However, it now appears that his position as leader is more secure than ever with the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov openly admitting that the re-election is a sure thing.

Speaking to the New York Times, Peskov said: “Our presidential election is not really democracy, it is costly bureaucracy.

“Mr. Putin will be re-elected next year with more than 90% of the vote.”

During the interview, Peskov also claimed that Russia does not want to take anymore of Ukraine, adding that they “just want to control all the land we have now written into our Constitution as ours.”

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Seemingly confirming Peskov's claims, a source has told anti-Kremlin Russian news outlet Meduza that Putin will win “more than 80% of the votes” in the 2024 election.

They claimed that this would happen because Putin will make campaigning days into national public holidays, and that Putin's campaign slogan will be “Russia, let's go!”.

There will also be a new tourism campaign claiming that Russia is “better than Turkey and the Maldives”.

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The source said: “The goal is simple: to give plus 80% in the presidential election.

“Vladimir Putin’s campaign should appear as a series of holidays, such a cosplay of developed socialism.

“In addition, closer to the elections, the State Duma plans to adopt several initiatives that, in theory, should increase the rating of the authorities.”

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