Putin removal ‘more dangerous’ for UK if successor ‘more radical’ – professor

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Vladimir Putin replacement as Russian President will likely be even more of a threat to the West, a professor has claimed.

Following Russia ’s invasion of Ukraine well over a month ago, there has been constant speculation surrounding the health of the country’s leader. This included suggestions that the despot is being constantly accompanied by a top cancer doctor.

This comes as Putin’s advances have also stalled, with troops forced to withdraw from some regions, revealing scenes of devastation and leaving the leader accused of embarking on a “deliberate campaign” of rape, murder and torture in Bucha.

Now, speaking to Sky News Australia, professor Alexey Muraviev has analysed what might happen should Russia’s secret service try to overthrow the incumbent President over dissatisfaction with the war effort.

“I believe there may be potential for a coup, but not for the reasons that we want to assume and understand,” he observed.

“If the coup is executed by, say, Russia’s security law enforcement or the Russian military for that matter, it’s not because they want to stop the war. It’s because they would want to win the war.

“I think there have been tensions between the Russian intelligence community and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, because there has been a clear error of judgement that was made, and it was probably driven by Putin himself.”

The professor described how this misstep had arisen from an understanding that the Russians would be considered liberators, and not invaders of their neighbouring country, with Putin reportedly furious that his troops were not “met with flowers”.

The 69 year-old has so far managed four terms in office. But, with the war damaging Russia’s international reputation, there have been suggestions that elite citizens may plot to kill Putin – though Alexey stressed this may not be a positive solution for Western countries like the UK.

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“If there is going to be a regime change, it’s going to be because the military and the security services would be blaming Putin for being too soft, and actually trying to find a way out of this deadlock,” he claimed.

“If any regime is going to take place, it is going to be someone who is even more radical than Putin and more dangerous for the West.”

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