Putin pays tribute to King Charles as Russians scramble in Ukraine

Uri Geller claims he sent a warning to Putin over nuclear weapons

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The former Prince of Wales became King on Thursday following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 96. Messages of condolences on Her Majesty’s death and of well-wishing for the new monarch have been sent in recent days from around the world.

One such note has today been received from the Kremlin.

Putin wrote to King Charles: “Please accept my sincere congratulations on Your Accession to the throne.

“I wish Your Majesty success, good health and all the best.”

Some commentators have taken the message as a sign of the statue of the British Royal Family – that the passing down of a crown should give pause for pleasantries despite what some have termed the ongoing proxy war in Ukraine, in which, at the least, Britain has pitted itself behind Kyiv.

This also comes at a time of great difficulty for Russia’s forces – perhaps the most they have faced since the beginning of the “special military operation”.

Ukraine has been pursuing an effective counter effective and has recaptured a good deal of land from Russian forces.

Perhaps more than Moscow has yet officially conceded.

Agentstvo, an independent Russian media outlet, also known as Proekt, today said that in its latest mapping of activity in the ongoing conflict, the Russian Defence Ministry showed the city of Balakliya outside its controlled zone.

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BBC journalist Will Vernon noted that Moscow has not yet officially confirmed its loss of the city.

Russian propagandists have also taken to crafting excuses for their country’s losses in Ukraine.

Francis Scarr of the BBC reported in a post on Twitter that Channel One Russia host Vladimir Solovyov shared a post on social media platform Telegram in which the writer claimed Russian forces were “evening out the frontline” because its “previous configuration was unfavourable”.

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Mr Scarr joked: “Always look on the bright side of life, eh?”

Recent events, according to KCL War Studies PhD student Rob Lee, suggest early Russian victories in the war amounted to “Pyrrhic victories”.

This is when a win inflicts so much damage it is tantamount to a loss.

Mr Lee commented in a post on Twitter: “I think Russia’s gains in the Donbas were likely a Pyrrhic victory because they took heavy losses they couldn’t afford, which is evident now.”

Following the death of the Queen, Putin wished Britons “courage and perseverance in the face of this heavy, irreparable loss”.

The Kremlin did, however, announce that its leader would not be attending Her Majesty’s funeral.

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