Putin pals say ‘we need the world’ in takeover threat as they praise nuke move

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    Putin's propagandists have told told viewers on state TV that Russia needs "the world" following Vladimir Putin's move of nuclear craft to allies Belarus.

    In a bizarre exchange on Russian state TV, propagandist Sergey Mardan first spoke of wanting to broker peace by provoking World War 3.

    He concluded that the fight against Ukraine was nothing to do with morality, simply saying "We need the world — preferably, all of it."

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    In a rambling interview with Victoria Fedosova from the Russian think tank RUDN Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts, Mardan suggested that the West doesn’t respect Russia enough.

    He said that to achieve a lasting peace it’s necessary to “first push to the brink of war to ensure that NATO take us seriously”.

    Comparing Putin to the North Korean leader, Mardan added: “They have to understand that, Like Kim Jong-un, we will conduct a crushing nuclear strike against all European capitals."

    He went on to say that a Russian nuclear missile could reach Polish capital Warsaw in one and a half minutes, and that the Polish capital will probably be destroyed by the end of the Summer.

    Fedosova agreed, saying that Russia should consider destroying the vital cables carrying internet traffic between Europe and the US, and added that Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko was “very elegantly responding to UK threats of supplying depleted uranium shells to Ukraine”

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    Over the weekend, Putin announced that Russia would station some of its nuclear weapons in Belarus, which borders Ukraine, claiming that this didn’t violate any international treaties.

    He has already given Lukashenko a shipment of Iskander missile systems, capable of carrying nuclear weapons, he said.

    "There is nothing unusual about this," the Russian leader told state television, saying America "has been doing this for decades.”

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    The constant reminders that Russia is about to launch a nuclear strike shouldn't’ be taken too seriously, according to the Washington-based Institute for the Study of War think tank.

    Putin "is attempting to exploit Western fears" around the use of nuclear weapons, they said and is "repeatedly threatening to use nuclear weapons without any intention of following through in order to break Western resolve.”

    Meanwhile a leaked tape of two Russian oligarchs despairing about the outcome of the Ukraine war has gone viral in Russia despite state censorship.

    Journalist Dmitry Kolezev said it was evidence that the Russian ruling class: “hate Putin, they are fully aware of the scale of the disaster and they understand that the country has no future with Putin”.

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