Putin ‘moving towards Plan B’ to ‘inflict terror’ on Ukraine as army ‘fundamentally failed

Ukraine: Putin moving towards 'Plan B’ says James Rogers

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Vladimir Putin’s troops have failed to make any significant territorial progress in over a month of conflict in Ukraine, with six Russian general reportedly killed at the front. As the war progresses, analysts have now suggested Russia could revert to more brutal tactics to gain ground despite having already unleashed relentless airstrikes on the civilian population. Speaking to Sky News, analyst James Rogers suggested the Russian President may soon pivot to his Plan B to secure a victory against Kyiv.

The Council on Geostrategy expert said: “I think it is very clear that Vladimir Putin and his regime have failed in their initial military objectives.

“They hoped to take Ukraine and decapitate the Ukrainian Government very, very quickly.

“But according to British intelligence, that has fundamentally failed and now we’re at a stage where we’re moving to Plan B, which is to use heavy artillery and missile strikes to gradually grind down Ukrainian resistance.

“And destroy population centres to inflict terror on the population, and gradually to move forward towards Kyiv and other cities in order to try an take them.”


He added: “But so far, it is failing and is not working as the Russians hoped.”

NATO on Thursday warned Moscow to think carefully about deploying non-conventional weapons in Ukraine after reports emerges suggesting Russia used phosphorus bombs on the outskirts of Kyiv.

White phosphorus munitions are banned in heavily populated areas but are not considered to be chemical weapons.

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg voiced his concerns to the press during an emergency joint session of NATO, G7, and EU leaders.

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We are concerned partly because we see the rhetoric and we see that Russia is trying to create some kind of pretext accusing Ukraine, the United States, and NATO allies of preparing to use chemical and biological weapons.

“There is also a risk that it (a chemical weapons attack) will have a direct effect on people living in NATO countries because we can see contamination, we can see the spread of chemical agents or biological weapons into our countries.”

He also pointed out Russia was known to have used chemical weapons before – including in Salisbury – and had supported the Assad regime in Syria.

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Moscow said on Friday that US talk of Russia possibly resorting to chemical weapons in Ukraine was a tactic to divert attention away from awkward questions for Washington.

Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters that the military would submit proposals to Putin on how Russia should strengthen its defences in response to NATO beefing up its eastern flank.

There was no official position on whether Russia would rebuild Ukrainian towns and cities such as Mariupol, Peskov added.

He also said the world was much more diverse than the United States and Europe and predicted that U.S. efforts to isolate Moscow, which he said had so far only been partially effective, would fail.

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