‘Puffer fish’ dog so fat her stomach dragged on floor finally finds forever home

A dog so fat that it was likened to a "puffer fish" and a "balloon on legs" had to be rehomed by the RSPCA because her belly rubbed on the floor when it walked.

Lily, a Jack Russell-type dog, was overfed by her former owner and wasn't getting enough exercise, despite being put on a strict diet by experts who visited the owner, LancsLive reported.

Animal rescuer, inspector Demi Hodby visited the dog, aged eight, in her previous home and said she "couldn't believe her size."

The ex owner agreed to sign the pet over into the care of the RSPCA and in January she was taken to the Lancashire East branch, where she weighed in at a whopping 13.7kg, twice the weight her breed should be.

Demi said: “When I went to see her I couldn't believe her size – she reminded me of a puffer fish. She was blown up like a balloon.

“She couldn’t even walk to my van so I had to carry her.

“Lily had no quality of life and was in real danger of dying prematurely from heart failure so she really did need help.”

Once at the RSPCA branch, staff got to work on providing Lily with a special diet dog food and when she was re-homed with her new owner Ruth, aged 80, on May 30 she was a healthy 7.7kgs.

Jeanette Aimscough, animal centre manager at the branch, said: “Poor Lily looked like a balloon on legs when she first came to us and she struggled to move.

“She even had sores on her belly from it rubbing against the floor as she walked – she was struggling to breath and panting.

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“But as she lost weight she began to enjoy playing – she was certainly a couch potato and we were delighted when she went to her new home and we know she is now enjoying a new lease of life and is much more active."

New owner, Ruth, said Lily is enjoying her new lease of life.

She said: "My other pet dog died so I was looking for an older companion and I came across Lily and was more than happy to adopt her.

“She is a lovely girl – she likes to cuddle and sleep on the sofa – but has also found out how to run now so loves to have a little trott around.

“She is still on a special diet and seems to be really happy and settled. She is a fantastic dog and I am so pleased to care for her.”

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