Prince William furious after firing of insider who couldve stopped Megxit

A former military officer for the Queen was given a royal telling off after Prince William had to give him “a piece of his mind”.

The Prince believed that the man at the centre of the row could have prevented ‘Megxit’.

Sir Christopher Geidt, the former military intelligence officer for the Queen, served the royal family loyally for 15 years.

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He took the position of private secretary before he was forced to quit in 2017 after a big bust up between King Charles and Prince Andrew.

Now a new book has revealed a deeper look into ‘Megxit' and what happened behind the scenes, suggesting Geidt’s removal from the crown did a lot of damage.

Valentine Low, royal correspondent, released his new book Courtiers which explores the inner workings of the monarchy and the power each family member wields – and how they wield it.

He claims that Lord Geidt was treated ‘unkindly’ through his dismissal. So much that Prince William felt the need to speak up on behalf of his family friend and colleague.

The books suggests that Prince William spoke to the Head of the Monarch’s household – Lord Chamberlain, Earl Peel and made his feelings well known.

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Multiple sources have claimed that Lord Geidt’s departure left such a gaping hole in the monarchy households and workings that it was damaged beyond repair. He had the Queen’s ear, and his leaving meant that communication between the Queen and other family members failed, which reportedly paved the way for Harry and Meghan’s departure from the Royal Family.

He was described to have ‘something of the Bond villain about his appearance’ and joined Buckingham Palace in 2002 before swiftly rising through the ranks and becoming the Queen’s right hand man.

'When you were having a conversation with Christopher, you pretty much knew he did not have to go and check. Either he knew that that was what the Queen thought, or it is what she would want anyway, because he was just so entwined in her thinking,' the book quotes a source as saying.

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He is said to have fallen out with King Charles over a number of issues, including Charles’ failure to acquire Dumfries House in Scotland as a HQ for his charity.

Prince Andrew, meanwhile, held a grudge over his mother’s aide for sidelining him from family duties at the Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee.

It is reported that Geidt supported the former Prince of Wales’ plan to slim down the monarchy, something Andrew very much opposed. The book claims that he was ‘worked up’ and told an aide: "You've got to speak to Christopher Geidt. I want to be on that balcony. We've worked really hard all year supporting the Queen. It's outrageous."

This reportedly lead to Geidt’s dismissal as the Queen did not wish to argue with her sons. But William was furious due to his good relationship with the aide and went to see the Lord Chamberlin to ‘give him a piece of his mind.’

"He was really angry about it, not necessarily because it was the wrong decision. He just thought it was handled very unkindly for a man who was a pillar of the institution of the monarchy, but had also played an incredibly important role when the coalition government had been formed.’ The book claimed.

"[Prince William] told Willy [Lord] Peel how he felt about it, and particularly how he felt about the way in which it had been conducted, which he thought was very unkind."


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