Prince Philips loathing of Queens bloody corgis that tested loyalties

Queen Elizabeth II was well-known for her love of corgis – but not everyone in the palace shared her passion for the breed.

The dogs featured in official photographs and portraits and were almost always by the late monarch's side.

Her Majesty owned dozens of corgis and even several "dorgis" – a breed first created when one of her corgis mated with one of Princess Margaret's dachshunds – totalling more than 30 dogs over the course of her life.

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Ingrid Seward told Newsweek before Her Majesty's tragic death was announced last week: "She loves animals and she absolutely adores dogs. She always has done, they were her first love and they will be her last."

But plenty of people close to the Queen didn't share her love of the big-eared breed – even Prince Philip wasn't so keen on the small dogs.

He was often heard declaring: “Bloody dogs. Why do you have so many?”

It was recently reported that King Charles III also isn't such a big fan and much prefers Jack Russells.

He and the Queen Consort are set to move in with their two beloved pooches, Bluebell and Beth, while the Queen's remaining corgis will have to go elsewhere, most likely to the care of Prince Andrew.

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Swenson continued: "I imagine the dogs would be looked after by the family, probably Andrew [as] he's the one that gave them to her, [and] they're quite young, the corgi and the dorgi."

Even royal staff weren't so keen on the adorable creatures as they were constantly tripping over the tiny dogs, and had to carry blotting paper and soda siphon around the Queen's various residences in case of one of the pups had an indoor accident, the Guardian reports.

One footman, after growing sick of the corgis, went as far as to spike the dogs' food with gin and whisky before watching them tipsily stumbling around the palace.

He was demoted on the spot.

Her Majesty's former nursery nurse and dresser, Bobo Macdonald, was also well-acquainted with the dogs – and their relationship with their doting owner.

She said that if the Queen entered a room wearing a tiara, the dogs would "lie mutely on the carpet in a mood of Celtic depression".

However, if she arrived wearing a headscarf, they started "jumping up and down" as that meant they were off for one of their walks.

The Queen had been an avid breeder of dogs during her lifetime, but stopped the practice in 2009.

When she passed away last week (September 8) she was left with three dogs – Candy and Muick, and a recently-acquired corgi puppy who replaced Fergus the dorgi puppy, who sadly died young in May 2021.

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