Prince Louis leaves £14,500 London nursery for eye-watering £17,556 school

Prince Louis is leaving his £14,500 a year London nursery and moving up to the country to a new, more expensive school.

It's been reported that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be moving young Louis to a primary school in Berkshire this year as the family aim to be closer to the Queen.

It's thought that Prince Louis will join his older brother and sister, Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Lambrooke School – which also isn't cheap.

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It will be the first time the three royal siblings will attend the same school, reports the Express.

It has been reported that Kate and William have visited the school serval times this year and the Prince even spoke to students in attendance about their Latin classes.

The new primary school increases its fees for children as they move up through their classes, which means this the Cambridge children will cost £71,344.

As he is just starting primary school, Prince Louis’ education will cost £17,556, Princess Charlotte’s will cost £25,792 and the highest fees will be Prince George’s classes, which will cost £27, 996 per year.

The school includes many fun activities for its students, which include a scuba diving club, a cooking club, a bee farm, a polo club and a golf course containing nine holes.


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