Poland warns of ‘extremely dangerous situation over fears of imminent attack

Yevgeny Prigozhin says Wagner will ‘be here in Belarus for some time’

Wagner Group mercenaries stationed on the border with Poland are creating an “extremely dangerous” situation on NATO’s eastern flank, said the country’s Prime Minister.

Around 100 mercenaries have massed on the Polish border near the Suwalki Gap – the small stretch of NATO territory separating NATO and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

“The Wagner group is extremely dangerous and the units of this group are deployed to NATO’s eastern flank to destabilize it,” Morawiecki said at a joint news conference with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda.

He added the Wagner fighters were a way for Russia to “test the reaction of Poland and the reaction of our allies”.

Lithuania’s President Nauseda warned that an attack by Wagner would be considered an attack by Russia.

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He previously told the country’s public broadcaster that Wagner forces had been stationed close to the country’s border.

If the mercenary group were to attack or infiltrate either NATO member, it’s possible they could enact Article 5 raising the specter of a NATO-Russia war.

Article 5 ensures that an attack on one NATO country is considered an attack on all. Other alliance members would be obligated to respond.

The news comes after two Belarusian helicopters violated Polish airspace earlier this week prompting Warsaw to rush troops to the border.

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“The border crossing took place…at a very low altitude, making it difficult to detect by radar systems,” the Polish defence ministry said after photos appeared on social media showing the aircraft over the Polish village of Bialowieza.

Belarus’s President Aleksandr Lukashenko denied the incursion took place while the defense ministry called the claim “far-fetched”.

Both Belarus and Poland have summoned their countries’ respective ambassadors over the incident.

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