Poisonous snakes on UK beaches set to terrify British sunseekers this summer

Beachgoers are being asked to keep their eyes peeled for poisonous snakes after one town in the UK has had to release a guide book on what to do if they encounter the fearsome reptiles.

The species in question, the common and poisonous adder snake, has a distinct zig-zag pattern across its back and has been spotted by beachgoers.

A spike in snake sightings on the beach has prompted one council member in the UK to warn those heading to the beach to keep an eye out for the toxic reptile.

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One councillor urged people that the best course of action when encountering a snake is to leave them well alone.

John Spanswick of Bridgend Council in Wales said: "The UK is home to both grass snakes and adders, and while only the adder is toxic, its bite is rarely fatal and can be easily treated.

"Most reported incidents involve dogs rather than humans, and in the vast majority of cases, a full recovery is made.

"Adders and grass snakes can often be seen at the side of rural paths, and can be identified by their distinct markings – adders have a zig-zag pattern running along their backs, while grass snakes have a distinctive yellow collar and two small black triangles just below their heads."

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The member for Bridgend Council continued, saying the council had a handy guide called 'Snakes on the Bridgend Coast' to help beachgoers spot which snakes they had encountered.

It would also offer advice on what to do should someone encounter the snake while on the beach, LADBible reported.

The council added: "The best advice for anyone who encounters a snake while out and about is simply to leave them alone, and try not to disturb them.

"All British reptiles are protected under law, and the adder is a species that is considered to be particularly at risk."

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