Pet adoptions paused as animal shelters across Canada struggle under coronavirus

Adoptions are on hold and pet shelters across the country are scrambling to make ends meet to take care of their animals during the new coronavirus pandemic.

Humane society offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto are closed to the general public. Volunteers have been sent home and dogs and cats already at the shelters are going to have to wait before getting a chance to find a new home.

“We really just don’t want people coming in and out of the building, so unfortunately all of our animals … are staying put,” said Jessica Bohrson, communications manager for the Calgary Humane Society.

“It could potentially be months. It’s anyone’s guess right now.”

Bohrson said staff are making sure shelter animals are fed and looked after. If the pandemic with its restrictions lasts too long, they’ll have to find a new way to do adoptions.

“We would hope that we could figure out something that we could make work to get animals into their forever homes.”

The Toronto Humane Society has come up with an innovative way to continue adoptions.

“The Toronto Humane Society actually will be doing adoptions on a digital first-come, first-served basis,” said public relations specialist Hannah Sotropa. “We’ll be conducting interviews via phone and scheduling meet-and-greets in person to the shelter in an effort to proceed with adoptions in some capacity.”

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