Pest from West to spark TRIPLE festive weather beast with -10C freeze

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After speculation about the Beast from the East and the Troll from Trondheim, a third “Pest from the West” threatens to give the UK a festive shake-down.

Complex weather systems circling Britain are keeping meteorologists scratching their heads over where snow will hit in the run up to Christmas.

It comes as plunging temperatures force government forecasters to extend a raft of weather warnings for snow and ice across the country.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, warned three meteorological monsters are vying to unleash winter hell across the nation.

He said: “There are three beasts that we are keeping our eyes on now, the Beast from the East, which is still slumbering across Russia, the Troll from Trondheim which will bring northerly winds to the UK this week and the Pest from the West.

“The pest is a low-pressure system in the Atlantic, and if it moves towards Britain, where we have cold air in situ, it could bring snow and here we would be talking of blizzards, perhaps to southern and western regions.”

The current threat is from a northerly blast sweeping down through Scandinavia and the Norwegian Trondheim Fjords–dubbed by Mr Dale “the Troll from Trondheim”.

He said: “We have seen a bit of an easterly, but now we are looking at a proper northerly plunge.

“We could see overnight temperatures in the Highlands and glens of Scotland dipping to -10C, and there will be a risk of frost through the week.

“Towards the end of the week, snow is likely over north Scotland, although the southwest low might affect the southern counties.”

As Britons speculate over whether a blanket of festive snow will smother the nation, Mr Dale said it is still early to be sure. This is a different story, and it is one that is still unfolding,” he said.

“However, as things are shaping up, this year is the most likely to get a proper, universal White Christmas since the big freeze of 2010.”

As temperatures plummet, the Met Office has added to a snow alert for Wednesday a raft of ice warnings across the country extending into Thursday.

Wales, Northern Ireland, and the east coast of England have all been warned to prepare for icy roads and pavements, injuries from slips and falls and travel delays.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “We replace the easterly winds that we have seen over the last few days with northerlies.

“Those northerlies will bring snow for some but for many, it is going to be colder but brighter. Although it is brighter, it will feel colder, and those northerlies will bring showers, mainly rain and hill snow for northern Scotland, and rain for Northern Ireland and eastern England, but it is going to feel cold in that wind.

“Snow will build up during Wednesday and could cause some disruption.”

With just under three weeks to go, bookies have once more shortened the odds on a festive flurry.

Coral is offering 1-3 from 1-2 on a White Christmas with Edinburgh at 2-1, Glasgow 5-2, Newcastle 4-1 and London 5-1.

Spokesman John Hill said: “Those dreaming of a White Christmas can be very hopeful that they will see snow on this big day this year. The major Scottish cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are most likely to have a White Christmas, but we are also seeing strong support for Manchester and London in England.”

Those hoping to work off the festive pounds are warned to take precautions when exercising in cold weather.

Health and wellness coach Ryan French, founder of Military Outdoor Fitness (MOFit), based in London, Greenwich, said: “As with extreme heat, there are risks involved when exercising in very cold weather, particularly for people with health conditions such as asthma.

“The key is to prepare, use the right kit, and make sure you have inhalers and medication to hand.”

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden warned Britons should brace for a “big change” in the weather this week.

He said: “We expect a big turn of events to occur, as widespread snow showers will become much more frequent and start to push in across large parts of the country. Initially these will hit parts to the north and east and then could become more widespread.”

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