OnlyFans star sees horse castration go wrong as she admits I cannot watch

An OnlyFans star has admitted that a horse castration went badly wrong for her and her boyfriend after the sight of a stallion being mutilated caused her faint-hearted bloke to collapse.

Model Anna Paul, who posts X-rated clips online, explained to her TikTok followers that her partner and fellow influencer Glen Thomson passed out when he watched the procedure.

She told millions of online fans: "Basically the stallion was upside down, Glen turned around and looked for a little bit too long and his 'you-know-whats' were getting taken off.

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“Glen fell to the ground and slid his face across the ground. The second I saw Glen's knees buckle, I was like 'no, I cannot watch Glen pass out.”

The 23-year-old X-rated content creator, from Queensland in Australia, is the country's number one OnlyFans sensation and has millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram.

She added that she had been “traumatised” from watching Glen faint in the past, and when he recovered from his horse-related injury he just wanted to ask if she was okay.

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The bloke was left with his whole face “scratched up and everything”, with Anna explaining: “He was helping with holding the stallion on his back while they did the chop.

“I think he looked at it for a little too long. Next second he’s on the ground too."

The explicit model has seen huge success selling racy pictures and has an impressive home complete with an in-built lift, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and even a private cinema from her earnings.

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But it hasn’t always been that way – before earning herself a life of luxury, Anna struggled to make ends meet.

She previously revealed in interviews how she was forced to rely on benefits and had to live off just $30 (£17) a week within her family of four.

They were even left to drive an old van with milk crates used as seats, before Anna decided to start stripping off online.

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