Nigel Farage tears into pollsters declaring friend Donald Trump to be ‘narrow favourite’

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On an explosive night, the Republican office-holder accused Democrat opponents of “fraud on the American public” and even claimed victory before all the results had been announced.

Mr Trump, 74, delivered a defiant address from the White House, vowing to take his fight to the US Supreme Court for “the law to be used in a proper manner. We will win this and as far as I’m concerned we already have won it.”

Speaking from Washington DC, Mr Farage – who bet £10,000 on a Trump win at 15/8, potentially netting him £28,750 – said: “The election result is now on a knife-edge. Trump is still, in my view, the narrow favourite.

“It is sadly unlikely that the result will be declared until the end of the week, perhaps longer. Some states are unable to complete the job of counting the votes [last night].

“The worry is that the whole process becomes subject to a legal challenge. This is an astounding situation for 21st century America to be in. I have asked myself, ‘How can some of these states be so incompetent?’

“I really do hope either way that we get a clear result over the course of the next few days and avoid the ugly spectacle of weeks of litigation.”

Parallels can be drawn between the Brexit Party leader’s successful insurgency in the UK for the EU Referendum in 2016 and President Trump’s against-the-odds win months later. Both were seen as anti-establishment victories.

The two men – both political outsiders derided by the elite – have formed a special kinship based on their ability to speak to the people in a way mainstream parties have failed to manage. Mr Farage believes that skill has made President Trump a target for unparalleled abuse.

He predicted that Trump being returned to power would see a “radical” US presidency: “I think a Donald Trump second term is Donald Trump with a straightjacket removed. It’s Donald Trump able to keep the promises he’s made to the electorate in America. And I think his second term will really take on the swamp.

“If there is a failure from the first term it’s that he’s not really been able to drain the swamp. I think in terms of the FBI and many of the other government agencies, Donald Trump term two is going to see a much more radical president, unconstrained in every single way.



“And maybe – just maybe – he can make Americans believe that Washington is no longer working against them.”

Mr Farage, who is relaunching his party as the anti-lockdown Reform Party to campaign against UK government virus restrictions, said: “Donald Trump has exceeded expectations. He was written off by the mainstream media, the polling industry and the commentariat. Things are now neck and neck.

“Despite these obstacles, the 2020 presidential campaign has been dominated by Donald Trump.

“This is because Joe Biden has spent most of the last six months hiding in his bunker in Delaware.


“On the rare public performances which Biden has made, he has given short, shouty statements to small crowds. His key campaign strategy has been to take no risks, do as little as possible and to rely on anti-Trump sentiment to win votes. By contrast, Trump has been remarkably active.

“Win or lose, Trump has now formed the largest, most active, vociferous and loyal support base of any politician in modern times.

“He simply will not go away. At least the American people have had a chance to vote on whether they want more lockdowns under Joe Biden or to learn to live with the virus and wait for a vaccine with Trump.”

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