Nazi’s sick sex fantasies about dogs and kids exposed after drawings discovered

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A Neo-Nazi made sick drawings showing himself having sex with children and a young girl engaged in sexual activity with dogs.

Michael James Holt, who has swastika tattoos and is on record as saying that Adolf Hitler was “the greatest person” was jailed in 2017 after Nazi memorabilia and a cache of weapons including replica pistols, homemade shotguns, slingshots and knuckledusters was found during a police raid on his house.

The self-styled “white supremacist” had come to police attention after sending nude photos of himself to two children aged 14 and 13.

This week in the Sydney District Court, Holt 31, was handed an additional two years and two months jail time, with one year and four months forfeiture of parole for possessing and producing child abuse material.

The Australian reports how Judge Jennie Girdham told the court how the material found in Holt’s cell at Sydney’s Long Bay Correctional Complex was clearly for his “sexual gratification”.

One item turned up by guards during the search was a seven-page graphic story depicting girls aged under five being forced into sex acts with an adult male closely resembling Holt.

Holt, who describes himself as holding strong Christian beliefs and having both autism spectrum disorder and ADHD, maintained that the figures in his drawings were not children, but aliens.

He also said that a home-made comic book showing a child and a dog had been given him by another inmate and that the character shown in drawing sexually violating young children was “not exactly me, it’s just someone who looks like me”.

Judge Girdham added that she was he had “guarded prospects of rehabilitation”.

Holt had been denied parole earlier this year because his “rigid” Neo-nazi beliefs made him an unacceptable risk to the safety of the community.

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