Nan, 47, stabbed to death ‘in self defence’ after storming house to demand cash

A grandmother who attempted to raid a house in an attempt to collect a debt lost her life after being stabbed by the homeowner, in what a coroner has ruled an act of self defence.

On March 17, 2019, Debbie Twist, dressed in a mask, stormed the property with the help of her son and another man, who was armed with an 'air gun'.

Frightened by the break-in, the homeowner stabbed the invader in a fatal blow to the chest, M.E.N reports.

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An inquest at Bolton Coroner's Court on June 10 heard the man made his move in a bid to protect his pregnant wife, who was also in the house. Ms Twist died in hospital on the night of the incident.

In a statement, her daughter Bethany referred to her mother as a "sociable" and "well-liked" person who spent her free time helping charitable causes.

March 17 marked her brother Jordan Winstanley's birthday, and consequently her mother and a few others had ventured out to celebrate at the Canal Turn Pub in Leigh, Greater Manchester. They then ventured to a nearby bar before returning home at 6pm.

Bethany intended to meet a man to collect a debt, but her mother said she'd do it instead.

The inquest heard how, after her first attempt to draw the attention of the man failed, Ms Twist returned with her son and Robbie Arnold – who was carrying an air gun.

Cole Dunphy told the inquest he drove the group to the property fearing they might stab him if he refused. He said that Arnold had threatened to "stab anyone who gets in the way" and that the group planned to rob a cannabis grow.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Ms Twist and Winstanley ran a small drugs ring with Arnold, Bethany and Bethany's partner, Adam Guy.

Dunphy waited in the car as the gang approached the back door and kicked it in.

Shouts and screams ensued until a man ran out of the property, shouting: "They've killed her."

Ms Twist had been stabbed by the father of the man who owed the debt, who'd lawfully defended the household.

Bethany arrived at the scene to see her mother on the ground

She revealed: "There was blood everywhere. Mum wasn't moving, talking or breathing."

Doctors at Salford Royal Hospital did all they could, but Ms Twist passed away later that evening.

Jordan Winstanley received six years and four months inside after being found guilty of aggravated burglary in connection with the incident.

Robbie Arnold was found innocent of aggravated burglary by a jury but was found guilty of possessing an imitation firearm and subsequently given two years and four months behind bars.

Bethany was handed a six-month prison sentence suspended for 18 months after admitting to the supply of cannabis.

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