Mum of three mauled to death by six pit bulls after returning from date

A mum of three has been mauled to death in a horrific attack by six pit bull terriers.

Marli Donega Tizura, 53, was visiting her boyfriend on the farm near the city of Birigui in the Brazilian state of São Paulo where he worked as a general labourer and caretaker.

The two were returning together from a date at a pizzeria in the evening of Wednesday, July 21, when a pack of six pit bull terriers that were loose on the property attacked Marli, repeatedly biting her.

Emergency services were called to the scene but she tragically died of her injuries.

Her 59-year-old boyfriend, who has not been named, also sustained injuries in the horrifying attack while he tried to drive the pack of dogs away from Marli, but was forced to take refuge inside the house to call for help.

He was later taken to hospital after the attack to receive treatment for his injuries and is now reported to be in a stable condition.

The pack of dogs were eventually brought under control by other people who were working on the farm.

It is understood that the dogs currently remain under the care of their owner.

At present it is unclear if the dogs will be put down as a result of the incident, and local media reports that the farm has not commented on the incident.

Local news reports that the incident is being reported as a suspicious death by police.

Marli leaves behind three young children as a result of the horrifying attack.

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