Mum ‘furious’ about nasty neighbour’s vile note ‘congratulating’ her on new baby

A furious mum has shared a vile note that she found pinned to the door of her flat by a neighbour.

Writing on Mumsnet the woman, who had created a special anonymous account to post a photo of the note, explains that she has two kids and has lived in the privately rented apartment block for about four years.

She and her partner moved in when their first child was a year old, and they had their second – and she insisted last – baby over Christmas.

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When she found the note stuck to her front door she initially thought it was a simple message of congratulations …but she soon released the contents were a little more sinister.

“Congratulations on your new baby,” the person wrote, before going on to say “as this building is home to older residents we do not appreciate your moving in just to breed.

“Please shut up your baby at nights so the rest of us can sleep."

The outraged mum posted an image of the note under the heading “Am I being unreasonable to want to knock her lights out?”

She points out that while her first child did cry quite a lot, her new baby is far quieter

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She added that while most of the people in the building are older than her and her partner, it isn’t a dedicated retirement community.

The mum added: “For their own sake, they better hope I don't find out who it is,” she says, I'm furious”.

She explains that as they get on pretty well with their immediate neighbours, it’s hard for her and her partner to work out exactly who might have left the nasty note.

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“The residents we've spoken to over the last few days have said how lovely [their daughter] is," she said, "but no noise complaints”.

Most commenters on the post were sympathetic, saying that the person who left the note was clearly a nasty piece of work.

One tried to see the other side of the argument, however, suggesting: “I’d give this person the benefit of the doubt and try to reason that they probably wrote this note after a night of disturbances when they were feeling particularly angry.

"No one wants to be woken up by other people’s crying children."


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