Mum falls 50ft to her death from balcony as kids wait in car to go on holiday

A mum died after falling 50ft from a balcony while her two children were waiting for her in a car outside.

Janetina, 36, was about to head off on holiday with her kids when she returned to their third-floor apartment to get another bag.

She then found that the door was stuck and she was unable to open it and, therefore, asked for her neighbour's permission to jump across her balcony to her own and gain entry that way.

It is then understood that she slipped between the two balconies before landing in a courtyard situated behind the apartment block in the Pagrati region of Athens in Greece.

According to neighbours, the mother-of-two was just about to leave with her children to join her husband on the Greek island of Naxos.

After packing their luggage, Janetina's children, aged five and two, got into their car with an aunt — but quickly returned to the apartment after realising one of the children's bags was missing.

There, she discovered that she was unable to open the door and she was fearful of delaying the journey further, the reports said. She then decided to ring her neighbour's bell and asked if she could climb across the balconies.

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Janetina had jumped between the balconies several times before without any kind of difficulty, neighbours said.

On this occasion, though, it is believed that she slipped on a loose tile and fell 50ft.

She was then rushed to hospital by an ambulance but the injuries that she has sustained from the fall meant she could not be saved.

Neighbours subsequently expressed their shock to local TV, while friends also posted emotional and heartfelt tributes on social media platforms with comments reflecting on the "tragedy of fate" and the "mistake that cost her her life".

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