M&S fruit and veg scales used to weigh baby after lockdowns shut clinics

A quick-thinking mum came up with a fruity alternative when she was unable to get her baby son weighed.

With her nearby drop-in clinic closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, an undeterred Tasha Moss, 31, from Berkshire, decided to weigh the tot on the fruit and veg scales at her local Marks & Spencer, instead.

The mother-of-three was delighted to discover that ten-week-old Freddie-Jay – who weighed 6lb 5.5oz when he was born – now clocks in at a healthy 10lb 4oz.

A photo of the adorable baby lying on the scales – which were cleaned by his mum with an anti-bacterial wipe before and after use – has had over 2,500 likes, shares and comments after being shared on Facebook.

Commenters have been quick to play on the famous Marks & Spencer slogan, noting: “He’s not just any baby, he’s an M&S baby”.

Miss Moss had the idea when visiting the Lower Earley branch of Marks & Spencer with Freddie-Jay and friend Natalie Atkins, where they planned to buy some mini Colin Caterpillar cakes.

“We were walking past the fruit and veg aisle,” she said. “I had Freddie in my arms, I had just finished feeding him, and I saw the scales. I said “Shall we weigh him?”.”

Although she admitted that the fruit and veg scales are “obviously not as accurate as the digital ones”, the mum says it’s given her a better idea of what Freddie-Jay weighs.

“I haven’t had him weighed for so long,” she added. “It was reassuring to know I’m doing something right.”

The hilarious snap emerged as it was announced that the UK Government has begun a nation-wide search for carriers of what could be the worst strain of Covid ever.

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