Moment car slams into mass brawl of 20 men — but they just won’t stop fighting

Shocking video emerged showing a car ploughing into a mass brawl and hitting two young men, but the duo bizarrely got up and continued to fight.

The fight erupted outside a private college in Masuri, Ghaziabad of India as a group of 20-strong youths got into a heated argument at school.

Video widely shared online shows the chaotic moment as the students throw punches at each other.

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They gather in the middle of a road and stop the traffic while they settle their disputes through a fist fight.

At one moment, the group start running off the road.

A white car is seen driving at high speed and ramming to the crowd.

One man is hit by the car and sent flying in the air but he soon gets up and continues to wrestle with the others.

The majority of the brawlers flee the scene and the car drives off after the incident.

A police officer arrived later and launched an investigation.

Superintendent Iraj Raja said: "The detained students told police that a group of second-year BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) students had asked some BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) students in the first year to respect them.

"This led to an argument between the two groups, which escalated after a BBA student beat up a junior.

"The two groups came out of the college and started fighting.

"Some passerby recorded a video and shared it on social media. Some of the students were taken into custody after a preliminary investigation. They are being questioned."

The police also mentioned in the statement that the car seen in the video has also been seized and they have sent more officers to patrol in the area around the college.

They also warned strict action will be taken against those found guilty.


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