MLA may face salary garnishment for owing money

A Manitoba legislature member praised for his business experience may be seeing some of his salary garnisheed because of unpaid debts.

Ian Bushie was found by the Court of Queen’s Bench to owe about $79,000 dollars to a wholesale fuel company that supplied a gas station he owns.

Bushie never filed a statement of defence, and a notice of garnishment was filed with his credit union and the Manitoba legislature.

Court records also show a law firm had a default judgment registered against Bushie for unpaid legal bills in 2016.

Bushie was first elected last September as a New Democrat.

A recent NDP video featuring Bushie and other caucus members mentions Bushie’s small business ownership.

In a brief written statement, Bushie says he had a business dispute with a vendor and is now following through on resolving it.

He says he won’t comment further because the matter is ongoing.

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