Missing man’s dismembered torso found in wheelie bin as pair charged with murder

Two people have been charged with murder after a man's mutilated body was discovered in a wheelie bin.

The remains of Geoffrey McLean, 55, were found in the bin on a vacant apartment block in Adelaide in October last year.

Mr McLean had been reported missing several months earlier and was last seen on August 18 last year.

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Only his torso was found in the bin with police continuing to search for the rest of his severed body parts.

Now a 51-year-old man and 49-year-old woman have been charged over his death, reports the Mail.

On Friday (March 3), officers searched a house in the north of Adelaide after taking the woman into custody.

Police said she was known to Mr McLean, with both of the accused from the same area as the victim.

The man was arrested on Thursday.

Detective Inspector Mark McEachern said the pair allegedly attacked Mr McLean before his death.

Both suspects are also charged with aggravated assault, aggravated serious trespass and attempted murder relating to alleged incidents against Mr McLean in April and May last year.

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The pair appeared in Adelaide Magistrates' Court today (March 3) where they were both denied bail.

Last month police released a video showing two mysterious figures carrying torches near to where the torso was eventually found, stuffed inside the wheelie bin.

The individuals can be seen in the distance CCTV footage caught in the early hours of August 24, just days before Mr McLean was reported missing.

Police say the wheelie bin used in the alleged murder had been stolen from a property just a few blocks away from a vacant lot underneath trees and vegetation where the remains were dumped.

Detective Inspector McEachern said investigations into the murder were ongoing with efforts being ramped up to try to locate the missing remains of McLean.

He said detectives strongly suspected other people were involved in the dismemberment of the body.

"Further arrests are quite possible," he said.

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