Mini tornado whips through city streets leaving trail of destruction

Cork: CCTV captures 'mini tornado' cause chaos

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A “mini tornado” ripped through city streets earlier this week, leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

The freak weather event in Ireland was captured on camera shortly before 1am on Wednesday, March 23.


CCTV footage at Tom Barry’s pub on Barrack Street, Cork, shows the frightening moment when a box of insulation from a nearby construction site is ripped to shreds, sending dozens of insulation boards flying, carried by 80km/h winds.

Tom Barry’s bar manager, Deirdre Hoy, said she and her team “got very lucky” after making the decision to close the pub early, which meant they missed the blast “by seconds”, reports Cork Beo.

The weather event was described as a “mini tornado,” with fierce winds carrying wheelie bins, flurries of rubbish, cardboard boxes, and sheets of metal through the streets.

The fierce clatter woke many residents up as it flung objects around and damaged buildings.

Tom Barry’s did not see any damage from the storm, bar one roof tile, but other buildings in the area have sustained significant damage.

The wind ripped tiles off several roofs, shattered windows and even caused visible marks to interiors.

One local resident woke up to fresh cracks on their bedroom ceiling caused by the overnight storm.

Cork City Fire units were on the scene, keeping residents inside and away from any falling roof slates, with Evergreen Street and Barrack Street taped off and closed to both pedestrians and traffic until Wednesday afternoon.

A Status Yellow wind warning had been in place, warning of gale-force winds along coastal areas, with the strongest gusts hitting north of 80km/h.

And while storms were expected to roll in from the Atlantic throughout the week, the severity of the weather on Barrack St was certainly unexpected.

CorkBeo understands that emergency services are referring to the severe weather incident as a “high vortex wind” and even emergency personnel were surprised at the extent of the damage.

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