Mia Khalifa sent ‘30,000 death threats’ after marriage advice s***storm

Mia Khalifia claims she woke up to 30,000 death threats after she sparked fury with her marriage advice.

The twice-divorced former adult star took to her Instagram Stories to address the backlash in a video which she captioned: "Woke up to 30k death threats on Twitter over this take ??? Y'all need Jesus for a divorce attorney."

In the clip, where she appeared to be in bed in silky floral pyjamas, she said: "I put an opinion of mine on the internet and of course there is going to be consequences to that. I fully understand that."

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Mia started laughing as she added: "I really though this was innocuous. I didn't think much of it. This is the last thing I expected to cause a s***storm like this."

The former OnlyFans star continued with her controversial views as she said: "Simply because all I am saying to young women, especially young women who get married early and then feel stuck in these relationships because the thing that gets beaten into them is 'you made a commitment, you have to see it through, blah blah blah'.

"No the f*** you don't. No you don't. If you are unhappy, get the f*** out of there. Leave. It's paperwork.

"This is the last thing I'm going to say about this. I'm not making any more statements about this. I'm going to end it with if you're unhappy, leave!"

Mia, who has been married twice and engaged a third time, took to TikTok on Thursday (August 3) to declare marriage isn't sacred.

Describing her own marriage history, she said: "Married at 18. Divorced at 21. Second marriage. Married at 25. Divorced at 28. Third engagement. Engaged at 29. Ended it at 30, but I kept the ring."

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Mia first married her high school sweetheart at the age of 18 but the pair separated just three years later.

She has since gone on to have a number of high-profile romances.

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